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Page history last edited by Josh Russell 11 years, 10 months ago

Sponsors this week

join us as a sponsor..

This is a previous meetup, the next meetup is here.




Our next meetup will be Saturday September 6th at 11am, we'll be meeting upstairs at the Quadrant on Queens Road (at the Clock Tower, map)


The meet is free to attend, if we get enough donations (via paypal) or micro-sponsorships then the coffee and juice is free too. Donations are welcome from all, if you got something of value out of the morning we'd really appreciate even something small. This not only goes towards the coffee, but also future meets and potentially extra activites! Suggestions welcome :)


Who should come?

If you're interested in the future of media, how we organise, share, produce and enjoy it, then come along. If you're an artist, film maker, geek, musician, designer, writer, photographer, or anything close or related, then come along. If you want to meet like minds, come along.



There's free wifi access and loads of space, if you want to bring your laptop and get on with some work you probably won't be the only one..



We rely on sponsors and donations to keep the event going, if you had a great time and felt it was a useful day then we'd really appreciate whatever you feel is right to give - make a donation.


Who organises the meet?

That would be me, Josh Russell. I'll be there every week, probably surrounded by gadgets, come say hi! Lloyd Davis organises the London event, that's every Friday morning.


Coming this week... Tip: say something about yourself :)

 ( add yourself by editing the page. login: tuttle@oosh.com, password: tuttle )   - Login here


  1. Josh Russell, blog | twitter - happy dconstruct attendee, tuttle organiser, and geek of many things
  2. Mike Stenhouse
  3. Gary Broadbent
  4. Gareth Rodger
  5. Brian Suda
  6. Karin
  7. Kelly
  8. ..
  9. .


 ( add yourself by editing the page. login: tuttle@oosh.com, password: tuttle - Login here


Talking points this week:

(has something interesting come up this week that would be a good topic of conversation? add it here..)


  1. ..
  2. .

You don't have to go home..

.. and actually you don't have to leave the Quadrant either. We'll no doubt be there til the evening, but just in case we do leave, what shall we do next?


  1. ..
  2. .


Unable to make it this week... if you can't make it, say hi anyway!

(add yourself by editing the page. login: tuttle@oosh.com, password: tuttle)


  1. James Stanier TwitterPersonaliPhone stuff - going to be at BarcampBrighton, but I shall see you next week!
  2. .



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